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Battelle Darby Creek
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Trail Distance Detail
Ancient 1.9 miles; easy to moderate hike - grass and gravel
Runs alongside Darby Creek and loops through fields and woods while passing a reconstructed Fort Ancient mound.
Camp Chase 11.4 miles; easy
hike/bike/pets – paved – ADA
West leg of the Ohio to Erie Trail, a multi-use recreation and transportation trail linking Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland.
Cobshell 0.8 miles; moderate to difficult hike – gravel
Hilly trail that loops through woods and features a scenic deck overlooking Big Darby Creek.
Hawthorn 0.8 miles; easy hike - gravel
Loop trail in the Cedar Ridge Picnic Area.
Indian Ridge 0.6 miles; moderate to difficult hike – gravel
Runs along Big Darby Creek through fields, woods and connects the Cobshell and Terrace trails.
Darby Creek Greenway
4.7 miles; easy
hike/bike/pets – paved – ADA
Flat trail through the prairies and woods that intersects the two bison pastures
Dyer Mill 3.2 miles; moderate to difficult hike/cross country ski – grass/gravel
Loops through tall grass meadows and a secluded woodlands and dips down to Little Darby Creek.
Terrace 2 miles; moderate to difficult hike – gravel
Goes along Big Darby Creek for a ways and loops through a forest. 
Wagtail 1.6 miles; easy to moderate hike/pets – grass
Loops through the prairies.
Turkey Foot 0.5 miles; easy; hike – grass
Loop trail through the prairies and grasslands.
Harrier Loop, Rail Way and Teal trails 3 miles; moderate hike – grass
Three connected trails through prairies and wetlands 

Riffle Run 0.2 miles; difficult hike – gravel
Steep trail down to Big Darby Creek. 
Edgewood, Lake and Prairie Way trails 2.25 miles; easy hike/pets – grass
Three connected trails that pass through fields and woodlands, around a lake and along Big Darby Creek.