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Pickerington Ponds
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Trail Distance Details
  Arrowhead 1.7 miles; easy Walk, jog; grass; Goes through fields and crosses George's Creek.
  Meadow Lark 1 mile; easy Walk, jog; grass; Follows George's Creek and loops around fields and shrubland.
  Blacklick Creek
0.8 miles; easy Walk, jog, bike, pets; paved; Goes through fields and woods and extends to Three Creeks (south, 9 miles) and to Blacklick Woods (north, 3.5 miles).
  Killdeer 1.1 miles; easy Walk, jog; gravel; Goes around Blue Wing Pond  and leads to an observation deck overlooking Pintail Marsh.
0.5 miles; easy Walk, jog; gravel; Goes around a wetland and crosses George's Creek.