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Prairie Oaks
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Trail Distance Details
  Alder Trail 0.6 miles; easy hike/pets – grass and dirt
Connects Darby Bend Lakes area with Sycamore Plains Trail.
  Beaver Lake Trail 0.9 miles; easy hike/pets – grass and dirt
Loops around Beaver Lake in the natural play area.
  Bridle 5.7 miles Horseback ride/cross-country ski – grass and dirt
Crosses Big Darby Creek and goes through woods and prairies.
  Coneflower 2.5 miles; moderate to difficult hike/cross-country ski – grass and dirt
Crosses two steep hills, goes through prairies and runs alongside Big Darby Creek.
  Darby Creek
3.4 miles: easy hike/bike/pets – gravel
Winds through Darby Bend Lakes area and crosses Big Darby Creek. ADA
  Lakeview Trails 0.9 miles; easy hike/pets – grass, dirt and gravel
Passes a lake at Darby Bend Lakes and circles an Indian Mound. (includes the Lake and Mound trails)
  River Rock Trail 0.7 miles; easy hike/pets – grass and dirt
Loops around a lake in the Darby Bend Lakes area.
  Sycamore Plains
2.2 miles; moderate to difficult hike/pets – grass and dirt
Passes large sycamores and winds through grasslands and along Big Darby Creek. (includes Sycamore Plains, Osage Orange and Tall Grass trails)