Stolen Kayak Recovery

Last month, while on foot patrol at Scioto Audubon Metro Park, a seasonal ranger Jake found two kayaks stashed along the bank of the Scioto River.  A quick check of the area revealed no kayakers around. The boats were in excellent shape, with the paddles, and too far out of the water to be washed ashore out of some sort of accident.  Believing the …Read More

Tip of the Campaign Hat – Announcements

Our duties have  kept us busy and kept us away from the Ranger Blog too long.  It is time to catch up on some of the achievements and promotions within the ranger ranks. Congratulations to Rangers Bethanie Bidinger, Catherine Draves and Katie Copp, as well as Assistant Manager Ryan Mader, for completing the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy and being sworn in as Park …Read More

Rangers Use New Rescue Boat

Last September, Metro Parks purchased a rescue boat for operations at Scioto Audubon Metro Park.  While we have Metro Parks along many waterways in Central Ohio, Scioto Audubon is the only Metro Park with a public boat ramp.  In addition, the maintenance facility is located across the street from the boat ramp, allowing for quick access to the stored boat during emergency situations.  This past Tuesday, April …Read More

Bicycle Built for Two

Last week Rangers at Homestead Metro Park received a call on the duty cell phone from some cyclists at the end of the Heritage Trail.  They were concerned after finding a recumbent tandem bicycle with rear end damage and looking like it was “thrown” into the tree line.  Rangers were first on scene but quickly followed by what seemed to be a small army …Read More

Memorial Day Wrap Up 2017

Memorial Day has come and gone, ushering in the start of the summer season for us here at Metro Parks. The weekend was a good one, with little to no rain, even if the weathermen had called for it. Instead, Sunday and Monday were beautiful days and a ton of people came out to the Metro Parks. Battelle Darby Creek led the way for …Read More

Tip of the Campaign Hat – Ranger Hough

This past board meeting, held on March 14, 2017 at  Blacklick Woods Metro Park, the Park Commissioners honored Ranger Josh Hough with a Lifesaving Award.  While on patrol of Prairie Oaks on January 16, 2017, ranger Hough noticed a car parked in an area where parking was not allowed.  Upon investigating, Ranger Hough discovered a visitor slumped over the steering wheel of the car …Read More

Oh Christmas Tree

Last week, rangers at Sharon Woods noticed a spruce tree had been cut just outside of the main gate. Not the whole tree, but rather just the top third of the tree. Just enough to make a small Christmas tree. Maybe it wasn’t for a Christmas tree. Maybe it was cut for some other reason… a week before Christmas. Regardless, for us rangers it …Read More

Tip of the Campaign Hat to Rangers Watkins and Davis

Congratulations to Shelby Watkins and Dustin Davis.  Shelby and Dustin successfully completed the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, becoming certified peace officers by the State of Ohio.  They were sworn in as newly commissioned rangers at the last Board of Park Commissioners meeting held December 13, 2016 at Inniswood Metro Gardens.  They are now able to not only enforce park rules and regulations, but also …Read More

Rangers Patrol During Deer Gun Week

It is the favorite time of year for many.  Viewed as a holiday by more than one.  Deer gun week started this past Monday, November 28th, 2016 and lasted a week.  Last season, roughly 37% of the total number of deer harvested in Ohio were harvested during the deer gun week.  Deer harvested in Franklin County contributed to less than 0.5% of the total …Read More

Tip of the Campaign Hat – Rangers Custer, Hurt and Smith

A tip of the campaign hat goes out to rangers Brad Custer, Charles Hurt and Megan Smith for their recent promotions from part-time rangers to full-time rangers. Brad Custer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources Management/Administration from The Ohio State University. He worked as a part-time ranger at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park in 2014. He relocated to Oregon and worked as the …Read More

Tip of the Campaign Hat – Rangers Heisey, Knowles, Kaderly and White

A lot of things happening in the ranger ranks over the last few weeks. Mike Heisey, Glacier Ridge Park Manager, retired on August 31, 2016 after 37 years of service to the Metro Parks. Mike started his career at Innsiwood Metro Gardens as the horticulturist. He was then promoted to Assistant Manager at Innsiwood. Mike then was promoted to manager of Glacier Ridge where he …Read More

Tip of the Campaign Hat – Rangers Davis and Caldwell

Two of our newer rangers, Dustin Davis at Greenways and Shelby Caldwell at Highbanks, are currently attending the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. They recently passed a crucial step, the physical training assessment.  The test consists of running a mile and a half, sit-ups and push-ups, hitting the benchmarks all under the required time.  Now that the assessment was successfully completed, the two rangers can sit …Read More

The Cycle Continues

As we have discussed in other issues of the blog, theft from vehicles is the largest criminal problem rangers deal with at Metro Parks. Occurrences are often cyclic. A criminal, or group of criminals, have some success at a location and continue to hit those locations until they find some place better or get caught.  Sometimes we catch them, sometimes it is another agency.  Rest …Read More

Tip of the Campaign Hat to Ranger Doug Ramey

A tip of the campaign hat goes out to Ranger Doug Ramey at Blacklick Woods, whose observation and diligence helped Reynoldsburg Division of Police with a case. In today’s age of electronic communication and social media, law enforcement agencies are able to regularly and easily share information with other agencies. In this case, the Reynoldsburg Division of Police shared photos from a Walmart security …Read More

All Tied Up

The job of the park ranger has been defined simply as, “protecting the park from the people, protecting the people from the park, and protecting the people from the people.” As you can see from this statement, our duties can vary widely. Over the weekend, rangers received a report of a Canada goose entangled in fishing line. We get calls to help wildlife on a regular …Read More

Catch ‘Em All

The latest craze, Pokemon Go, has come to Metro Parks in a big way.  We are very happy to see so many people are coming out to capture these virtual critters “living” in the parks. We are embracing the new game and will be providing programming centered around or featuring the game (keep an eye on the Metro Parks Facebook and Twitter feed for more …Read More

Fourth of July Holiday Wrap Up

Independence Day is one of our busier holidays of the year. The weather didn’t really cooperate this year, threatening rain pretty much all weekend.  As a result, the attendance numbers are a little lower compared to last year. Highbanks led in attendance over the holiday weekend with a total of 13,263 visitors, followed by Battelle Darby Creek with 12,536, Three Creeks with 9,605, Sharon …Read More

Tip of the Campaign Hat

Congratulations to Ranger Kerry Dunn for being promoted to Second Shift Supervisor. Ranger Dunn has been with Metro Parks since 2011. Prior to Metro Parks, Ranger Dunn served as a Deputy Dog Warden with Franklin County Animal Control and before that she was a Crime Scene Technician for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. The Second Shift Supervisor is a new position at …Read More

Repo Gone Wrong

You will rarely see physical altercations among visitors in Metro Parks. When they do happen, it almost always stems from previous history, or issues outside of the park, but end up in the park. Case in point, Rangers at Sharon Woods Metro Park dealt with an interesting situation a couple weekends ago. While on patrol, a ranger noticed a vehicle in the grass between the …Read More

A Busy Day in the Parks

Some days are busier than others for Rangers.  Some people correlate these busy days to the phase of the moon.  Others to the rise in temperatures.  And some days, there just really isn’t an explanation.  Yesterday, June 8th, was one of those days.  Temperatures were cool, especially for June.  The moon phase was waxing crescent, not even close to being a full moon.  And yet… …Read More

New Rangers take Oath of Office

Earlier this week, Executive Director Tim Moloney  held a swearing in ceremony at Metro Parks Headquarters for Three new Metro Parks rangers took their Oath of Office and received their commission as Ohio Peace Officers. Rangers Peter Daniels, Doug Ramey and Sarah Young spent the last 7 months attending the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, where they successfully completed the requirements of the academy.  The commission they received …Read More

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer season for us here at Metro Parks. Much time and effort is spent getting the parks ready for the abundance of visitors. This weekend also requires extra Ranger Staff to help with the increase in attendance. We often view this weekend as a barometer of what the summer brings. If this weekend is a sign of things to come, it is going to be …Read More

Snake in the Grass

Rangers on patrol at Pickerington Ponds Metro Park were approached by individuals who reported a gun shot from a house adjacent to park property.  The local police department was contacted while one Ranger stayed in the area to observe the house and one Ranger checked all the nearby parking lots and trails just to make sure the area was safe.  The local police department …Read More

Thefts from Vehicles

Over the weekend there were a few cases of theft from vehicles at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.  While theft from vehicles is our most frequent law enforcement issue, it is not a problem isolated to Metro Parks.  In fact, parks, gyms and rec-centers all across Central Ohio are having issues with theft from vehicles.  These places are targeted by thieves because people don’t like to …Read More

Water Rescue Training

Our friends at the Norwich Township Fire Department spent a few days at Prairie Oaks Metro Park teaching Rangers about water safety and water rescue operations.  Nearly every Metro Park has some sort of water (pond, lake, creek).  Therefore, nearly every Metro Park has potential for water rescues. In 2015, Rangers at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park assisted in at least four water rescues along …Read More

A Tip of the Campaign Hat

A tip of the campaign hat to Rangers Daniels, Ramey and Young.  These three Rangers found out yesterday they all passed the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy final exam and are now certified peace officers. Congratulations on 6 months hard work. We look forward to seeing you sworn in and receiving your commission. Job well done!

A Morel Dilemma

It is that season again, one that many in Central Ohio and all over the Midwest for that matter, anxiously await.  It’s not fishing season, or deer, or even turkey.  It is morel season.  That’s right. Mushroom season.  And to morel hunters, it is a special time of year, walking the woods searching for the elusive tasty morsel hidden on the forest floor, blending in …Read More