My Favorite Places: Ashton Pond at Blacklick Woods

ANNIE PILLION, Blacklick Woods Ranger

Autumn at Ashton Pond. (Shawna Stambaugh)

When fall arrives, one of my favorite places to visit is Ashton Pond at Blacklick Woods, especially at sunset. The pond is surrounded by trees with leaves that show every hue from pale yellow to a deep red. The sun sets behind the trees and makes the whole forest glow. The effect is doubled because the scene is reflected in the still pond. Look carefully over the pond and you just may spot some turtles basking at the surface or frogs perched on lily pads. Sometimes deer will wander through the forest nearby, or if you are lucky, you may even catch a barred owl fishing for its dinner. With benches right on the water’s edge, it’s such a quiet spot to appreciate the beauty of autumn.

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Places: Ashton Pond at Blacklick Woods

  1. You should add who the pond is named after. The Ashton family who owned a house on one of the greens at Blacklick Woods golf course. One of the members of this family was Hannah Ashton, who was a teacher and principal at Reynoldsburg High School when if was located in the original school building which is now named after her. Hannah Ashton Middle School on Jackson Avenue. They were an extremely influential family in the history of Reynoldsburg.

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