Cemetery Ridge

2.5 miles - moderate to difficult – hike ­– dirt and gravel
Begins with a steep zigzag ascent through the woods peaking at about 700 feet. At the top of the ridge the trail alternates between forest and meadows.


2.2 miles - difficult –hike – dirt and gravel
Goes through valleys with sandstone formations and crosses forested ridges.

Creekside Meadows

1.7 miles - easy – hike/pets – grass
Follows the banks of Clear Creek through open fields. A 1-mile section of the trail west of Starner Road is also a pet trail.


1.7 miles - moderate to difficult –hike – dirt
Goes along a steep ridge and through a forest with pines and hemlocks.

Good Prairie

0.3 miles - easy – hike – dirt and gravel
Loops around a prairie.


1.5 miles - difficult – hike –dirt and gravel
Descends and ascends a steep ravine and goes through shady hemlock groves, sandstone outcroppings, a carpet of ferns and ridges topped with hardwood trees.


0.9 miles - moderate to difficult – hike – dirt
Winds through the woods to an observation deck overlooking Lake Ramona.

Prairie Warbler

0.6 miles - easy to moderate – hike – dirt
Crosses a rolling hilltop, goes around a meadow and through the woods.

Tulip Tree

0.6 miles - moderate to difficult – hike – dirt
Loops through the woods along a rolling hillside.