Battelle Darby Creek Trails


1.7 miles - easy to moderate – hike – grass and gravel
Runs alongside Darby Creek and loops through fields and woods while passing a reconstructed Fort Ancient mound. Interactive Map – Ancient

Camp Chase

12.5 miles - easy to moderate – hike/bike/pets – paved – ADA West leg of the Ohio to Erie Trail, a multi-use recreation and transportation trail linking Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland. Interactive Map – Camp Chase


0.8 miles - moderate to difficult – hike – gravel Hilly trail that loops through woods and features a scenic deck overlooking Big Darby Creek. Interactive Map – Cobshell

Darby Creek Greenway

8.3 miles - easy – hike/bike/pets – gravel – ADA Flat trail through the prairies and woods that intersects the two bison pastures. (One section of the Darby Creek Greenway Trail is in Prairie Oaks Metro Park. The two sections do not connect.) Interactive Map – Darby Creek Greenway

Dyer Mill

3 miles - moderate to difficult – hike/cross country ski – grass/gravel Loops through tall grass meadows and a secluded woodlands and dips down to Little Darby Creek. Interactive Map – Dyer Mill

Edgewood, Lake & Prairie Way

2.3 miles - easy –hike/pets – grass Three connected trails that pass through fields and woodlands, around a lake and along Big Darby Creek. Interactive Maps – EdgewoodLakePrairie Way

Harrier Loop, Rail Way & Teal

3 miles - moderate – hike – grass Three connected trails through prairies and wetlands. Interactive Maps – Harrier LoopRail WayTeal


0.8 miles - easy –hike – gravel
Loop trail in the Cedar Ridge Picnic Area.

Indian Ridge

0.6 miles - moderate to difficult – hike – gravel Runs along Big Darby Creek through fields, woods and connects the Cobshell and Terrace trails. Interactive Map – Indian Ridge

Osprey Lake

0.5 miles - easy –hike – grass, gravel
Loops around Osprey Lake. Interactive Map – Osprey Lake

Riffle Run

0.2 miles - difficult – hike – gravel Steep trail down to Big Darby Creek. Interactive Map – Riffle Run


2.1 miles - moderate to difficult – hike – gravel Goes along Big Darby Creek for a ways and loops through a forest. Interactive Trail – Terrace

Turkey Foot

0.5 miles - easy – hike –grass Loop trail through the prairies and grasslands. Interactive Map – Turkey Foot


1.9 miles - easy to moderate- hike/pets – grass Loops through the prairies. Interactive Map – Wagtail