Chestnut Ridge Trails


0.4 miles - moderate to difficult
hike – gravel
Goes through woods and fields, past an orchard and remnant homestead, connects Ridge and Meadows trails. Interactive Map – Homesite


1 mile - moderate to difficult
hike – gravel
Follows the edge of a high meadow, crosses a stream and passes through the woods. Interactive Map – Meadows


0.6 miles - easy to moderate
hike, pets – natural
Pet trail features a half-mile loop around fields with a short section through the woods.


1 mile - moderate to difficult
hike – gravel and boardwalk
Includes a gradual 150-foot ascent through the woods to the top of the ridge. Interactive Map – Ridge

Mountain Bike

10 miles - mountain biking only – dirt
Features steep climbs and descents through deep woods. The 12 to 18-inch-wide trail has a narrow creek bridge, banked turns, and a couple of short sections of sandstone cobble. A 5-mile inner loop is the beginner/intermediate trail and the outer 4-mile loop is the advanced trail. Interactive Maps | Intermediate  –  Advanced