Inniswood Trails


0.5 miles - easy
hike – boardwalk and gravel – ADA
Winds through a beech-maple forest. Interactive Map – Boardwalk


0.5 miles - easy
hike – paved – ADA
Crosses Spring Run and passes the Memorial and Sisters’ Gardens. Interactive Map – Brookwood

Chipmunk Chatter

0.6 miles - easy
hike/bike/pets – paved – ADA
A paved multi-use trail located at the end of the parking lot on the exterior of the gardens. Interactive Map – Chipmunk Chatter

Frog Talk Walk

0.1 miles - easy
hike – boardwalk – ADA
Adjacent to a pond and passes the Rose and Herb gardens. Interactive Map – Frog Talk Walk

Sister’s Garden Loop

0.3 miles - easy
hike – paved – ADA
Goes through woods and loops around the Sister’s Garden. Interactive Map – Sisters Garden Loop

Spring Run

0.3 miles - easy
hike – gravel
Runs through an oak-hickory forest. Interactive Map – Spring Run