Prairie Oaks Trails


0.6 miles - easy
hike/pets – grass and dirt
Connects Darby Bend Lakes area with Sycamore Plains Trail. Interactive Map – Alder

Beaver Lake

0.9 miles - easy
hike/ pets – grass and dirt
Loops around Beaver Lake in the natural play area. Interactive Map – Beaver Lake


5.7 miles -
horseback riding/cross-country ski – grass and dirt
Crosses Big Darby Creek and goes through woods and prairies. Interactive Map – Bridle


2.5 miles - moderate to difficult
hike/cross-country ski – grass and dirt
Crosses two steep hills, goes through prairies and runs alongside Big Darby Creek. Interactive Map – Coneflower

Darby Creek Greenway

8.3 miles - easy – ADA
hike/bike/pets – gravel
Winds through Darby Bend Lakes area and crosses Big Darby Creek. (One section of the Darby Creek Greenway Trail is in Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park. The two sections do not connect.)  Interactive Map – Darby Creek Greenway

Lakeview Trails

0.9 miles - easy
hike/pets – grass, dirt and gravel
Passes a lake at Darby Bend Lakes and circles an Indian Mound. (includes the Lake and Mound trails) Interactive Map – Lake View trails

River Rock

0.7 miles - easy
hike/pets – grass and dirt
Loops around a lake in the Darby Bend Lakes area. Interactive Map – River Rock

Sycamore Plains Trails

2.2 miles - moderate to difficult
hike/pets – grass and dirt
Passes large sycamores and winds through grasslands and along Big Darby Creek. (includes Sycamore Plains, Osage Orange and Tallgrass trails) Interactive Maps – Sycamore Plains | Osage Opening | Tallgrass