Rocky Fork Trails

Beech Woodland

1.3 miles - easy
hike/bike/pets – paved
Loops through a wooded area with vernal pools and large beech trees. Interactive Map – Beech Woodland

Millstone Connector

0.5 miles - easy
hike/bike/pets – paved
Path runs parallel to the park road and links from Walnut Street to the Millstone Picnic Area. Connects to the Beech Woodland Trail. Interactive Map – Millstone


3 miles - easy
horseback riding only – grass and paved
Bridle Trail passes through woods and open fields. Interactive Map – Bridle

North Meadow

1 mile - easy
hike – grass
Passes over a small earthen dam, along a pond and loops around a restored native meadow. Interactive Map – North Meadow


0.3 miles - easy
hike/pets – gravel
An off-leash pet-friendly trail with two loops through a wooded area and past a wetland. Interactive Map – Dog


0.5 miles - easy
hike/bike/pets – paved
Continues out of park to Bevelhymer Park. Interactive Map – Bevelhymer