Are you ready to get outside?

Metro Parks are ideal places to help you feel one with nature. You can take a stroll on more than 230 miles of trails, enjoy more active pursuits such as biking, canoeing, hiking, and even bring your leashed pet for a leisurely walk in the woods. There are nature centers, natural play areas, picnic shelters, fishing places, even a climbing wall. Come explore, it’s your nature!

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Metro Parks: your natural mood boosters

ADAM BRANDEMIHL Guest blogger As a psychiatrist, I have seen the positive mental health impacts of consistently spending time in nature, including lower stress levels, improvements in mood and a …Read More

Behind the Parks: Meet Caroline at Metro Parks Outdoor Adventure

Caroline Wagner Metro Parks Outdoor Adventure Programmer Hometown and background I’m from Seven Hills, Ohio, a city of about 12,000 people in Cuyahoga County, and a suburb of Cleveland. I …Read More

Wait…! The Metro Parks has a golf course!?

ERIN WHITMAN Golf Course Generalist YES! Metro Parks does have a golf course. Located right next door to Blacklick Woods Metro Park, Blacklick Woods Golf Course has been serving our …Read More

Wetlands: What are they?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has dedicated May as American Wetlands Month! What are wetlands? Wetlands are areas of ground that remain saturated with water for the majority …Read More

Get Outside, It’s Your Nature!