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Viewing wildlife is one of the best ways to enjoy Metro Parks. Every month, naturalists offer a wide range of programs for visitors to look for animals in the parks.

Wildlife Programs

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Getting to know Ohio’s resident flying squirrel

AYDEN VAN FOSSEN Naturalist at Highbanks Metro Park When you think of squirrels in Ohio, likely the first images to pop into your head are that of gray squirrels running …Read More

Where have all the dragons gone?

ANDREW BOOSE Aquatic Ecologist The weather cools, and the aerially acrobatic dragons exit. The dragons of the aquatic realm take up their hunting under the watery surface. Stealthily, lying in …Read More

Believe it, or Not! A few nature myths

SCOTT FELKER Three Creeks Naturalist As a Metro Parks naturalist, I’ve heard many things over the years. Kids often go into “stream of consciousness” monologues that usually start with “One …Read More

Fishes of the Metro Parks

ANDREW BOOSE Aquatic Ecologist The Metro Parks, as a whole, is located within two Ohio River watersheds. There are two rivers (Olentangy and the Scioto), 11 creeks (Alum, Blacklick, Big …Read More

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