Geocaching at Metro Parks

We now have two great ways to geocache — our GeoTRAIL and GeoTOUR

A young girl holds a geocaching box found on a geocaching at Metro Parks search at Walnut Woods Metro Park
A young geocacher finds a cache at Walnut Woods. Photo Kevin Cartwright

We now have two great ways for you to get out into the Metro Parks and enjoy Geocaching Adventures.

Tour Columbus Metro Parks is a new venture for our geocaching at Metro Parks activities and provides year-round geocaching for you to get out into nature and search for items with your GPS equipment. A special feature of the Tour is that it is ADA accessible. There are 10 caches, each at a different park, on trails and with caches suited for beginners. Once you find all 10 caches and log them on, simply fill out the online passport to reveal the coordinates for the final, 11th cache, and receive your Metro Parks Path Tag prize. (See Tour Columbus Metro Parks map here)

The Metro Parks GeoTrail has new caches every year. Look for the 2024 trail to begin in late April! Download the 2024 GeoTrail form

Geocaching at Metro Parks is an outdoor, high tech treasure hunt using a GPS device and online clues to guide participants to hidden containers known as caches. These caches are typically hidden in fun to find places, so each hunt is an adventure to new places you may not otherwise explore. The water-proof containers include a log book to sign and trinkets for trading. Over one million geocaches are found in more than 100 countries around the globe. Geocaching is a great activity for adults, kids and families.

Metro Parks offers several types of educational geocaching adventures. Complete the Tour of Columbus Metro Parks or our annual GeoTrail to earn prizes. You may also search for individual caches in each park. Our hope is that you learn, experience, or discover something new while exploring Metro Parks.

How to participate:

  • Go to to sign up for a free membership and create a cache handle.
  • Go to the coordinates using your GPS unit and search for a camouflaged, plastic container.
  • Sign the log, trade trinkets, and log your find on
  • Don’t forget to post comments or photographs.
  • Search for Tour Columbus Metro Parks to Uncover Metro Parks GeoTour.
  • Search for Tour Columbus Metro Parks to find the annual GeoTrail.