Park Activities

Scioto Grove Assistant Manager Robin Blair uses a compound bow at the static archery course.
Photo Virginia Gordon

There are archery courses at:

Young backpacker on the REI River Trail at Scioto Grove. Photo by Geoff Hamilton.
Photo Geoff Hamilton

Backpacking is free by reservation at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park and Scioto Grove Metro Park.

Biker on the Greenway Trail. Photo by Bill McCracken.
Photo Bill McCracken

Almost 75 miles of trails are suitable for biking. Bike trails are at these parks:

In addition, biking is allowed on all park roads and on picnic area paths.

Fishing from the Scioto River. Photo by Marshall Reese.
Photo Marshall Reese

Scioto Audubon has a boat ramp to launch motorized boats onto the Scioto River.

Cross-country skiing at Highbanks. Photo by Virginia Gordon
Photo Virginia Gordon

Cross-country skiing is available on all trails when ski conditions exist.

Some trails are closed to all activities except cross-country skiing when conditions are suitable, at:

Kids laugh and sing on a path at a Sharon Woods Summer Camp.
Photo Virginia Gordon

Scout Troops can reserve our three Day Camps for day camping or overnight camping. Organized and sponsored youth and church groups can reserve them for day camping only. The Day Camps are at the following parks:

Blacklick Woods visitors at the exercise equipment.
Photo: Diana Morse

There are fitness courses at:

Kids walk the Blacklick Woods Golf Course during a round of golf. Photo by Brandon Ridgley.
Photo: Brandon Ridgley

Blacklick Woods Golf Courses feature an 18-hole and a 9-hole course, plus a driving range.

Pond hockey at Battelle Darby Creek skating pond. Photo by Tina Fronk.
Photo: Tina Fronk

Battelle Darby Creek and Blendon Woods have ice skating ponds when conditions are suitable.

Riders on the Mountain Bike Trail at Chestnut Ridge during COMBO event.
Photo: Central Ohio Mountain Bike Organization

Child on swing at Blendon Woods natural play area.
Photo: Dan Bissonette

Areas where kids and caregivers can have fun and adventure off-trail are at:

Ravine Wall at Highbanks Nature Center. Photo by Rob Clements.
Photo: Rob Clements

There are nature centers at:

Woman on the log run on the obstacle course at Scioto Audubon Metro Park.
Photo: Doreen Dawkins

Obstacle courses with multiple activity stations at:

Doggies and handlers take a walk on the Sugarbush Trail at Blendon Woods during the Paws in the Park event.
Photo: Cheryl Blair

Dog Parks

Dog Swimming Areas

Pet Trails

There are designated pet trails for leashed pets (no longer than six feet) at:

In addition, leashed pets can be walked on park roads and on picnic area paths. Rocky Fork Metro Park also has a short off-leash trail.


Woman climbing on the rock wall at Scioto Audubon park.
Photo: Shannon Dillman

Scioto Audubon features a 35-foot climbing wall.