Hours and Info

April 1-September 30: 6:30am-9pm
October 1-March 31: 6:30am-dark
Phone: 614.208.4329

Programs at Pickerington Ponds


Pickerington Ponds is a premier spot for birdwatching, with more than 260 species seen. The combination of seasonal ponds and rich wetland vegetation, with bordering woodlands, serve as a magnet for migrating waterfowl, shore birds and land birds. Deer, beaver, fox and other wildlife can be seen near the ponds and adjoining woods and fields of this 1,608 acre park.

Photo: John Bonnett

Photo: David Hoffman

Park Map

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Pickerington Ponds Park Map



1.7 miles
Easy – Hike – Grass
Goes through fields and forest and crosses George’s Creek.
Interactive Map: Arrowhead

Blacklick Creek Greenway

16 miles
Easy – Hike – Bike – Pets – Paved
Connects three Metro Parks and several small parks from Reynoldsburg to Groveport.
Interactive Map: Blacklick Creek Greenway


1.1 miles
Easy – Hike – Gravel
Goes around Blue Wing Pond and leads to an observation deck overlooking Pintail Marsh.
Interactive Map: Killdeer


1 mile
Easy – Hike – Grass
Follows George’s Creek and loops around grassland.
Interactive Map: Meadowlark


0.5 miles
Easy – Hike – Gravel
Crosses George’s Creek and goes through a wetland.
Interactive Map: Yellowlegs

Burning Lake

1.5 miles
Easy – Hike – Bike – Pets – Paved
Loops through wildflower fields and a small woodland, passes wetlands.

Photo: Don Danielson


Non-Reservable Shelters

Glacier Knoll Picnic Area

Area has access to Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail. Features an observation deck and has a drinking fountain and restroom.
1 Shelter: 38 Parking spaces plus two handicapped parking spaces, Electricity, Large charcoal grill, Picnic tables, Seating 60

Wood Duck Picnic Area

Area has two observation decks overlooking ponds and marshes
1 Shelter: 30 Parking spaces plus two handicapped parking spaces, Charcoal grill, Picnic tables, Seating 20

Photo: Don Danielson


Photo: Caleb Holman

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