Step back in time on the farm

Travel to the 1880s to discover the sounds, sights and smells of farm life as costumed staff and volunteers demonstrate farm and household chores and care for animals and crops. Compare your life with that of a central Ohio farm family 120 years ago.

Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Dates fill quickly so have alternate dates in mind. There is no admission fee. For general information and reservations call 614-508-8111.

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Guided Visit

Recommended Age Range: Kindergarden to 12th Grade
Number of Students: 15 to 100 students
Length of Presentation: Two hours
Times Offered: 10am to noon and 12:30 to 2:30pm*

Some 1-hour visits are available on select afternoons for smaller groups. Includes a visit to farmhouse, summer kitchen and barn. Discuss work and recreation, food production and preservation, and uses of crops and animals. Costumed guides adapt presentation to fit student age.

Guided visits are only offered during the school year.

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*Due to time spent outdoors and weather conditions, kindergarten and first grade trips are not scheduled after November 10 or before April 7.

Photo: Kirt Beiling

Discovery Visit

Recommended Age Range: Preschool to 12th Grade
Number of Students: 15 to 125 students
Length of Visit: One hour

Group chaperones lead students at their own pace on a self-guided tour. Costumed staff are available to answer questions and demonstrate aspects of farm life. Map and question sheets provide chaperones with information to discover how farm families lived.

Discovery visits can be scheduled April through December.

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Hands on History

For Fourth Grade

Recommended Age Range: 4th Grade
Number of Students: 12 to 60 students
Length of Presentation: Two hours
Times Offered: 10am to noon and 12:30 to 2:30pm

Participate in hands-on activities that may include baking on wood burning cook stove, learning about draft horses, playing parlor games and using 19th-century toys, and discovering the uses of farm equipment.

Hands on History trips are only offered during the school year.

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Custom Programs & Additonal Information

For specific information, or to arrange special topics emphasizing history, agriculture, technology or science, please call the Farm at 614-833-1880. Picnic facilities, playgrounds and nature trails are at nearby Slate Run Metro Park.

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