Party like it’s 1880 at Slate Run Farm

STEPHANIE REINER, Slate Run Farm Interpretive Aide

There are lots of things to see and do when you visit Slate Run Living Historical Farm. Here are some things to try:

  • Walk through the vegetable garden and see what’s growing. Discuss what vegetables your family likes and dislikes.
    Girl cultivates the kitchen garden at Slate Run Farm. (Dave Trotter)
  • Come into the farmhouse parlor and take a look at the stereoscope, the 3-D viewer or play the piano.
    The parlor with piano in the farmhouse at Slate Run Farm. (Margo Fraser)
  • Discover and play with the toys around the house and yard; the marble game is a perennial favorite.
    A girl stilt walks at Slate Run Farm. (Cheryl Hyde)
  • The kitchen bustles with all sorts of food preparation: baking, cooking, canning and drying. What food prep is done in your kitchen?
    Pickled goods in storage jars at Slate Run Farm. (Douglas Crawford)
  • Help shell and grind corn. What animals eat corn? Do you?
    A man helps his son grind corn at Slate Run Farm (Dave Trotter)
  • Look around at the barn and see the animals and equipment. Climb up the stairs to catch a bird’s eye view of the space. What is your favorite farm animal?
    Father and son pet a Percheron horse at Slate Run Farm. (Nathan Black)


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