2020 Winter Hikes: Hike to a Greener Place

Box turtle at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park. Photo/Annette Boose

During the 2020 Winter Hike Series, Metro Parks invites visitors to Save the Turtles by practicing conservation along the way! If we hit our goals, Metro Parks will work to save our very own Woodland box turtles found in the parks. Follow the conservation tips below to find out how you can help color the turtle’s shell. If the turtle’s shell is completely filled, Metro Parks will provide a turtle tracking and identifying program to learn more about the turtle movements in the parks and design educational signs to protect turtles crossing roads.

● Carpool! Planning to meet friends at the Winter Hike this weekend? Parking at the hikes can be spread out and finding friends once parked proves tricky. Save resources and carpool to the hikes instead.

● Bring reusable! An average of 1,500 cups of hot cocoa and 750 bowls of soup are served each hike. Help reduce the amount of waste going into the landfill by bringing your own mug or bowl to the hikes! For every 100 hikers that bring their own mug or bowl, Metro Parks will color in a scale of the turtle’s shell.

● Compost! We’ve partnered with The Compost Exchange to reduce the amount of waste heading to the landfill from our hikes! This year, cups, bowls, utensils, plates and napkins will be compostable. After every hike, The Compost Exchange will take food waste and tableware to a compost facility. Look for the yellow cans at the food serving area. For every 10 bags of compost, Metro Parks will color in a scale of the turtle’s shell.

● Help others! Bring two personal hygiene items or make a $5 donation to Mid-Ohio Foodbank at any of the Winter Hikes and receive a Metro Parks mug.