Social Media Policy

The Metro Parks policy ensures that Metro Parks social media outlets maintain a professional image of Metro Parks and meet legal standards. For purposes of this policy, social media is forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content. Examples of social media include but are not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and other online collaborative information and publishing systems that are accessible to internal and external audiences (Reddit, Wikipedia).

Social media use will be routed through the Social Media Specialist, in conjunction with the Public Information Manager, to maintain consistency and accuracy of content across Metro Parks. All new social media sites or administrative changes to existing sites shall be managed by the Social Media Specialist and approved by the Public Information Manager.

1. Metro Parks will utilize social media to engage, build relationships with and provide useful information to the public and raise awareness of Metro Parks mission by providing relevant and timely information and opportunities for interaction.
2. Our goals in using social media include:
a. Bring awareness to all Metro Parks and our mission
b. Increase engagement with park users and the general public in an effort to build and maintain meaningful relationships that will create positive public opinion of Metro Parks
c. Connect and engage with our park visitors online, where they are already having meaningful discussions about Metro Parks
d. Increasing credibility with the public by posting credible, relevant information and transparency.
3. Metro Parks website ( is our predominate internet presence
a. Where appropriate, content posted to Metro Parks social media sites will also be available on our official website
4. All official social media presences are to be listed on Metro Parks website to assist the public in identifying official social media presences
5. All Metro Parks social media sites shall comply with usage rules and regulations provided by the site provider, including privacy policies as well as local, state and federal laws

The content of Metro Parks social media sites shall include but is not limited to information, photographs, videos and hyperlinks.

Metro Parks social media is a place for supporters of Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks and we encourage open discussion and invite you to share your thoughts and opinions. Metro Parks will respond to questions, comments and messages, when appropriate, within one business day. By participating on Metro Parks social media pages, you are agreeing to our commenting policy, outlined below.

We reserve the right to delete posts or comments containing any of the following elements:

1. Obscene language or images.
2. Content that promotes illegal discrimination of any kind.
3. Content that promotes or incites violence.
4. Content meant to threaten or defame any individual.
5. Spam or malware.
6. Copyrighted works.
7. Promotion of illegal activity.

If you repeatedly violate this policy, you will be removed from our page.

Metro Parks social media pages are public forums and we encourage open discussion, which includes disagreements.

We appreciate your cooperation and support and look forward to connecting with each of you, our loyal supporters.

If you have a question regarding this page or anything on it, please email

These guidelines shall be posted as a disclaimer and are made available on Metro Parks website.

Updated March 2023.