At last, Quarry Trails Metro Park opens

Quarry Trails Stairs
Walk down the limestone stairs to view the towering waterfall. Photo Larry Hamill

At last, Quarry Trails Metro Park is open! The 20th Metro Park is located within 5 miles of 350,000 residents, fulfilling a need for access to a park in this area and having a Metro Park within 5 miles of every Franklin County resident.

Current amenities include trails, observation areas, single-track mountain bike trail, a a picturesque 25-foot waterfall  and lakes. The mountain bike trail boasts several challenging descents and plenty of chances to catch some air. It features five routes, totaling 7,000 linear feet of rugged terrain and jumps for intermediate to advanced riders. Check out the map here.

Located on the site of the Marble Cliff Quarry which was once the largest contiguous quarry in the United States, it provided limestone for over a century that was used to build the Ohio Statehouse, roads, buildings and many other places in Central Ohio.

Funding for the park is a result of the generosity of Franklin County residents through their support of our local tax levy and grants.

23 thoughts on “At last, Quarry Trails Metro Park opens

    1. Hi, Dale. Currently we have ADA-accessible parking lots. The parking lot to the waterfall has an ADA pathway to a deck overlooking a 25-foot waterfall. While the trails have been designed to be ADA compliant, not all are accessible at this time due to the fact that many of them are still under construction.

  1. I enjoyed exploring on opening day. It’s such a unique addition to the Metro Parks family. Thank you for providing paved trails for bicyclists that are not downhill MTB riders. Looking forward to visiting regularly and watching the progression as the greenery matures and the wildlife comes out of hiding.

  2. It’s not developed at all, the mountain bike trail area is an active quarry, during the week visitors will be in immediate proximity to dust,heavy machinery every where, not a “park” setting at all. No marked trails from there to the falls ,that area is under construction. Limited parking there,and not accessible to kayaks or paddleboarding unless you can carry your gear down to the water which is limited for any serious paddleboarded or kayaker. Right now a 1mile multipurpose trail, subjected on the side for dump trucks traveling to and from the quarry . Just thinking , the park primarily in the fall area benefits the property owners nearby as there is limited parking. How many taxpayers dollars have we spent to enhance those property owners enjoyment ?,with signs posted every where, park visitors are not allowed, just within a few feet of the multipurpose trail.

    1. The park is not complete.
      Additional trails, amenities and signage will be in place as the park is completed.

      The current conditions are a “soft” opening so that people can enjoy the unique park setting.

    2. I’m sure that everybody understands at this point in time the park is not completely open and construction is still being done be patient it will be completely opened soon I’m just happy that the people that live in this end of Hilliard Ohio will soon have a great and wonderful Park

    3. I think that was a plan, to be a neighborhood park with limited parking. That is what Tim Maloney said when I heard him speak in 2019. But then why are they talking about the 350,000 people living within 5 miles of the park? If they expect them to come to the park, don’t they need to park some place/

    4. In this project it shows they were way over there heads. Lack of leadership and a ton of tax payers money wasted. And being very unsafe for the park visitors. Don’t understand the rush to open this park should have taken the time to complete and be ready and open safely. Very much surprised !!

  3. I can’t wait to start enjoying this park. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I know this is just the first phase of the park and by spring and summer it will be BEAUTIFUL. So cool to see how you where able to revitalize what was once lost. My dog and kids are going to love the mix of trails.
    Also paddle boarding is going to be awesome once it’s warm enough again!

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