Behind the Parks: Meet Cody at Blacklick Woods Metro Park

Senior Naturalist, Blacklick Woods Metro Park

What I do at Metro Parks
I’ve been a full-time Naturalist at Blacklick Woods Metro Park since February 2016 and became the Senior Naturalist in March 2018. I work with a small but very enthusiastic group of naturalists here on educational programs, biotic surveys and helping guests.
What I love most about my job
I love learning new skills and sharing experiences of nature with guests. Just a couple of weeks ago, two guests saw a barred owl for the first time, even though they had been on many owl watch programs in the past. Their excitement at seeing the owl was palpable and that transferred to me. I was excited for them! They spent about half an hour, engrossed, just watching the barred owl, and talking about it. It recalled the feelings I had when seeing a particular bird for the first time, so seeing things anew through the eyes of park guests is definitely one of the favorite parts of my job.
My favorite Metro Parks activity
Warbler watching is definitely my favorite Metro Parks activity. Some mornings I will head out to Blendon Woods Metro Park to watch the warblers before heading into work here at Blacklick Woods. I can’t choose a favorite warbler – how can you choose a favorite child? But the black and white warbler is certainly special, with its bold, almost in-your-face personality. Of course, warbler watching is a spring activity, so for the rest of the year I enjoy walking my three dogs in the parks. Our favorite walk is on the secluded section of roadway in Blendon Woods.
If I had just 60 seconds to share why I love working at Metro Parks, I’d say…
Working outdoors is a fantastic benefit of being a Metro Parks team member. I work with really good people and have made lots of friends here. Other terrific benefits are meeting our guests and working in the beautiful settings of the parks themselves.
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Cody Berkebile was talking to Communications Coordinator, Virginia Gordon

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  1. How did you become a naturalist? Do I have to have a degree to be a naturalist or can I obtain enough knowledge through programs or workong at the park?

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