Bike safely and enjoy the ride

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Mountain biker at Chestnut Ridge (photo Rick Jordon) and biker and hiker at Three Creeks (photo Virginia Gordon)

Biking is in full swing in summer and Metro Parks has something for all types of riders! Did you know your Metro Parks offer a total of 75 miles of trails across 14 parks? Whether you are tackling the Quarry Trails mountain biking course or enjoying a leisurely ride along the Heritage Trail, it is important to gear up for safety and to ride smart!

Here are some guidelines that can provide you and other guests with a safe and fun experience:

  • • Always wear a helmet when riding your bike. Helmets are the best way to protect yourself from a head injury while riding a bike. Make sure your helmet fits appropriately and meets all current safety standards.
    • When it comes to dressing for biking safety, just remember: brighter is better! Wearing bright or fluorescent clothing can increase your visibility during the day. When riding at night, be sure to wear clothing with reflective fabric, particularly on your feet and legs. Never ride at night without forward and rear lights on your bike. Remember that reflective clothing is not an acceptable substitute for bike lights. Avoid wearing loose clothing and double check that you do not have any loose straps or accessories. Anything loose can become stuck in your bike’s wheels or other mechanisms and cause an accident.
    • Ride smart! Higher speeds equal higher risk. Remember to always keep a hand on the handle bars and do not ride hands-free. Make sure to always ride one rider per bike. Finally, never ride distracted. Using a phone, music player, or similar device can distract you or dull your senses and increase the likeliness of an accident.

Do you want to try biking for the first time or meet fellow biking enthusiasts? Be sure to check out for a list of free biking programs and opportunities. See you on the trails!

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  1. Higher speeds mean higher risks for others on the path, too. Please, if you are zipping along and you come up behind a slower cycler, don’t wait until you are at the other rider’s elbow to signal your approach! “On your left!” announced as you appear as out of nowhere and blast by inches from someone cycling along at a more leisurely speed is startling. Both speedy cyclers and cruisers can share the bike paths if we try.

  2. I enjoy riding on the trails around Central Ohio. Thank you to the park employees that work to maintain the trails, keeping the riding opportunities free of debris, clearly marked for safety and keep the trail surfaces in good condition.

  3. I really enjoyed riding on the bike, Thanks for sharing this post with us, I really love your article, Keep sharing this kind of interesting post with us.

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