Cross-country skiing: A new way to enjoy the winter snow

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While many see winter as an end to outdoor adventures, here at Metro Parks we see it as just the beginning! In addition to sledding and ice skating, winter is a wonderful time for cross-country skiing. You’ll find pristine trails for cross-country skiing at Battelle Darby Creek, Blendon Woods, Glacier Ridge, Highbanks and Prairie Oaks Ridge Metro Parks.

Various Metro Parks offer cross-country skiing trails for you to enjoy. Photo Melissa Turpening

If you’re not familiar, cross-country skiing is the act of using two long skis and ski poles to glide quickly over the snow. There are three types of cross country skiing: Classic or track skiing, skate skiing and backcountry skiing. Each one is unique in its own way and uses slightly different gear and techniques. This popular winter activity is a great way to keep active this winter. It’s also a lot of fun!

Try out cross-country skiing on the beautiful trails that await you in your Metro Parks.

4 thoughts on “Cross-country skiing: A new way to enjoy the winter snow

  1. Tried this on the dedicated trail at Highbanks a few years ago. It was also the dog walking trail and had been turned to ice by people on foot. Not a good time. Open fields are better unless there has been a change.

  2. I have long wanted to try cross country skiing but I am not sure how to start. Is there a place to get the gear? Any way to learn the ropes the first time out? Thanks!

  3. It’s really frustrating that the few non-paved dog accessible trails are closed to them during the winter. I wish the MetroParks weren’t so unfriendly to dog’s and their owners

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