Crossword solution – from April newsletter


1. They’re the biggest mammals in Ohio, and can be seen at the biggest Metro Park. (5)

5. The parks have loads of these. They may be white, or black, and some of them may even be English. (4)

7. If you can’t trust a meteorologist, maybe put your faith in this instead. (9)

8. Resource management likes to get rid of these. (9)

10. Inflate a sphere, or it could be a fungus. (8)

13. This prairie has a Native American connection. (6,5)

14. It’s a multi-colored presence in the sky, or a darter
under water. (7)

16. It could be a farmyard animal, but if you see this in the forest, it won’t be moving and it won’t have legs. (7,2,3,5)

22. Seen in the hands of sluggers and in dead trees. (4)

23. It’s a phase of this (see 3 DOWN). (8)

26. It’s south of Ohio and it’s also a warbler. (8)

27. Plenty ‘stay green’ things here at this most southerly of the Metro Parks. (see 21 DOWN). (5,5)

28. Four parks end with this. (5)

29. The park with a living historical farm. (5,3)


1. Dam this creature! (6)

2. Winter Hikes are better with this. (4)

3. Dogs make a big noise at this on nighttime programs. (4)

4. Birds do it, bees do it…! (3)

6. They could be spotted, or might be slimy and avoid you. (11)

9. Malodorous, and one of the first flowers of spring. (5,7)

11. It’s brown-headed and it lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. (7)

12. An Irish moraine? (7,5)

15. A King, a Queen, or an insect. (7)

17. You need a permit to do this in the parks, but NOT
NECESSARILY! Depends on the flow or the stillness. (7)

18. They’re bald, and they call this place home. (9)

19. You can float in one of these, without having your head in
the clouds. (5)

20. These uniformed officers could be saints, or they may
simply be unknown to you. (9)

21. These beautiful ancient trees always stay green. (8)

24. A very slow-paced mollusk. (5)

25. An outgrowth on the skin of most fish. (5)