Discover Your Metro Parks

Explore the parks, collect stamps and earn prizes with the Metro Parks Passport Program!

Metro Parks passport image

Visitors can pick up their free Passport to Metro Parks booklet at Metro Parks Headquarters, 1069 W. Main St, Westerville OH 43081 or at the nature centers at Battelle Darby Creek, Blacklick Woods, Blendon Woods or Highbanks. We challenge you to visit all 19 Metro Parks using your passport as a guide. Find the three destinations for each park and have a park employee stamp your passport.

Once your passport has at least one stamp on each page, send it in or visit a nature center to receive an exclusive Metro Parks T-shirt. If you stamp every box on every page you will receive a Metro Parks swag bag as well as the T-shirt! Please send passports to Metro Parks, 1069 W. Main St, Westerville OH 43081.

Don’t worry, we will send your passport back to you.

HAVE FUN: It’s Your Nature!!

15 thoughts on “Discover Your Metro Parks

  1. We received a “Sharon Woods” bracelet from a naturalist/guide at the park when visiting on
    May 15th. She told us that if we visited the metro parks this summer each one had a different color to collect. So far we have been to 2 other metro parks and no one knows what we are talking about. Is this still a program?

    1. Hi Jennifer: Very sorry that you weren’t able to get more bracelets. The program is run by naturalists and is still going on. Parks with nature centers should have bracelets, and if you attend programs at other Metro Parks, naturalists should have them or be able to get them for you.

    1. Laurie, thank you for your comment, and good luck and have fun with the Passport program.

  2. I don’t always see employees at the parks when we go, any hints as to where to find them or will you have stamp stations at certain areas?

    1. Hi Katherine, we will have stamps at ranger stations and in park vehicles, as well as at nature centers. If you’re at a park and can’t find anyone, you could call a park cell phone number (the phone numbers are on the individual park pages at

  3. My family went to the passport kickoff party at Sharon Woods this past Saturday. We were only given 1 passport even though there were 3 of us. They said only 1 passport per family and when we complete it we just tell the office how many family members so each one gets a prize. Is this true? If not I’m going to need more books.


    1. Kevin, that’s correct, we’re issuing one passport per family. When you complete the full program, there will be a sheet for you to indicate how many family members participated. Have fun on your voyage of Metro Parks discovery.

  4. Question:
    I don’t have a dog, but there are 3 dog activities in the passport. Do I just need to visit the dog areas, or do I need to actually
    “participate” with a dog? I also noted blank boxes at the end. Can these be substitutes for those situations like I just mentioned?
    Love the program concept and am looking forward to participating!

    1. Hi Judith, no need for you to have a dog, you can just visit the park areas. The blank boxes in the back of the passport are for future parks. Thanks for participating in the passport program, and have fun visiting the parks.

  5. Probably the same question as Judith: Can another visit/activity be substituted for climbing wall, mountain bike trail, etc.?

    1. Hi Margaret – thanks for your question. No substitutions, but you only need to visit the climbing wall or mountain bike trail to get your passport stamped, you don’t have to climb the wall or ride the bike trail. Have fun discovering all these different locations in the parks.

    1. Hi, Vanessa. The Metro Parks Explorer program is still active! Anyone under 18 can participate and once a child attends give programs, they get a patch. The patch changes every year, so children can do it annually!

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