Garden to Vase

Inniswood Senior Environmental Educator

The cutting garden with blooms at Inniswood Metro Gardens
The cutting garden at Inniswood. Photo/Bryan Knowles

As you walk through Inniswood Metro Gardens, you’ll notice stunning displays of blooming flowers and vibrant plants. Nestled near the Herb Garden, you’ll see the Cutting Garden, an area devoted to cut flowers. Inniswood chooses the plants for this garden early in the year.

Volunteers create flower arrangements in vases or containers. Photo/Cindy Maravich

At Inniswood, a team of staff and volunteers work to design, create, maintain and harvest the plants in the Cutting Garden. Our talented volunteers create fresh flower arrangements for the Innis House on a weekly basis.

You can harvest blooms and foliage from your garden most any time throughout the season. For cut-flower arrangements, annual plants such as coleus, impatiens and begonias all look beautiful in a vase. Perennial plants like hostas and black-eyed Susans can add to the beauty. Even woodier shrubs, like boxwood, can be show-stopping in a container.

Siberian iris in the Cutting Garden at Inniswood. Photo/Bryan Knowles

The best thing about gardening is being able to share it with others. An easy way to do that is to gift your blooms! If someone is sick, bring them flowers. If a new neighbor has just moved in, bring them flowers. If you need a gift for a host or hostess, bring them flowers. It’s a simple, inexpensive and wonderful way to connect with someone.

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  1. Cindy. this is lovely. Unfortunately I can’t attend.

    I would like to propose an art quilt exhibit for my art group, but I don’t have your email. Can you message me?

  2. Cindy, just read your article about the beautiful flower arrangements our volunteers give us. I so enjoy seeing their creations each week. And love Bryan’s photography too. I learn so much at Inniswood. Thanks for sharing.

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