Get your adrenaline pumping at Scioto Grove

LISA WILLIAMS, Guest Blogger

Each of the Metro Parks has its own collection of things to do in the great outdoors. Some are great play places for kids and adults. Some are ideal for hosting outdoor events, like parties or reunions. Some are amazing places to enjoy wildlife, waterways, rivers and streams, wetlands, prairies and woodlands in their most natural states. However, if you are new to adventures in the great outdoors, Scioto Grove is a great place to learn and give things a try.


Young backpacker on REI River Trail at Scioto Grove
Young backpacker on the REI River Trail at Scioto Grove. (Geoff Hamilton)

The REI River Trail is an easy primitive trail that takes you along the Scioto River. It’s a nice sample of the kind of environments you might find while backpacking through the state and national parks, only shorter and less intense. Along the REI River Trail and the Mingo Trail are five backpacking campsites that can be reserved. To make a reservation, call 614.539.3339. All your camping gear will have to be carried to your campsite… but it isn’t too far.


Archer shoots arrow at elk on the 3D archery course at Scioto Grove
Composite as an archer shoots an arrow at the elk on the 3D archery course at Scioto Grove Metro Park. (photos Virginia Gordon)

Bring your bow to practice your skills on the archery range. For a little more excitement, try the 3D course where you can practice hunting 12 foam animal targets – six on the Ridge Top course and six on the Woodland course. There’s a dinosaur and an alligator… do we have those in Ohio?


Kayakers on river at Scioto Grove
Kayakers float down the river in Scioto Grove Metro Park. (Virginia Gordon)

Scioto Grove has canoe access at the north and south ends of the park. Bring your canoe or kayak for a beautiful float down the river.

If outdoor adventures are not quite your thing, Scioto Grove also has the Multipurpose Trail for hiking, jogging, biking or walking the dog through the beautiful prairie. They also have observation locations to enjoy the view and lovely places to have a picnic and enjoy the day.

Tell us about your favorite activity at Scioto Grove