Get out, it’s your nature!

A child walks on a trail in the natural play area at Blendon Woods Metro Park. Photo/Sarah Esposito

Get out, it’s your nature! Need somewhere to play while this coronavirus (COVID-19) runs its course? We’ve got you covered at Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks.

At this time, all 19 Metro Parks are open and are welcoming visitors. In keeping with our mission to encourage people to experience nature, we want visitors to take advantage of our 19 parks and get outside. With 27,500 acres and hundreds of miles of trails, our parks are ideal for individuals and families to explore on their own while maintaining social distance between themselves and others.

“Many Central Ohioans are going through a stressful time,” said Metro Parks Executive Director Tim Moloney. “Time spent outdoors can relieve stress and improve physical and mental health.”

Parks provide opportunities for both outdoor adventure-seekers and those looking for relaxation and solitude. Public health officials are encouraging people to get outside and take a break. They advise people to use caution not fear.

We fully support efforts to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and remain fully committed to responding to this situation based on the most up-to-date information available from public health authorities, the CDC and Ohio’s Governor.

Parks are taking recommended precautions to provide a safe environment for visitors. Staff are trained and experienced in the universal practices and standards for cleaning and sanitation of public facilities.

Park visitors are encouraged to follow the guidance provided by the CDC and the Ohio Department of Health during the coronavirus outbreak.

Please visit our website ( and follow our social media pages to stay informed on any future announcements.

Photo: Sarah Esposit

8 thoughts on “Get out, it’s your nature!

  1. Thank you for staying open! I’ll totally understand and respect if you do need to close but my kids and I enjoyed our first trip to Three Creeks yesterday and loved it- especially the off trail reserve. We wrote all the MetroParks on a slip of paper and are pulling one out of a jar to explore each day. We LOVE Rocky Fork and Blendon Woods already but are excited to see the others that aren’t nearby.

  2. Yay!!!! This makes me so happy! We love our Metro Parks! From a mother of 3 small children who need to PLAY and RUN!

  3. The beauty and outdoor fun of our Metroparks always brings our family joy! As Columbus residents we are so blessed by the presence of these public park lands. God bless the staff who are keeping them open for all of us right now while we have all been shut indoors. We are grateful!

  4. Are the state park open during covid 19?
    Is Blendon woods open?
    Need to get out with kids?

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