Hiking tips from the Outdoor Adventure staff

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Bring extra gear for your friend such as walking sticks or day packs. Photo/Barbara Nye

Metro Parks Winter Hikes Ticket to Travel is underway and we know that you may be missing out on the camaraderie that the Winter Hike Series usually brings. Reconnect with friends and family by planning a hike together. Check out these tips to ensure you all have a good time discovering new trails:

  1. Coordinate the time, date and location of your hike beforehand. Make sure you both know exactly where you are meeting and which park entrance to use. Find out the specific address of the parking lot.
  2. Pick a route or trail based on your friend’s experience level, not yours. Try to incorporate some impressive views or wildlife sightings that will make your friend want to hike more often. You can ask park staff for a good trail recommendation.
  3. New hikers may not have a lot of gear, so let your friends or family borrow some of yours. Bring extra trekking poles or a day pack so your friend feels comfortable while hiking. Outdoor Adventure has a helpful guide to the 10 essentials you should bring on every hike.
  4. Bring your camera and snap some impressive photos so you and your friends can share them on social media.
  5. Plan a celebratory dinner for after the hike to reminisce about your accomplishment and start planning your next hike!

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    1. Hi, Aileen. If you’re looking to get the Friends of Metro Parks walking stick and chevron, you have to have it turned in by February 28. If you’re just sending it in for the patch, you can send it in whenever. Thanks!

  1. Hey Tina, Where do we need to turn the books to get the hiking stick when our book is completed. Our last hike will be on the 27th of Feb and it will be kind of difficult to get it to the office by the 28th which is a Sunday!

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