Land Use: Past, Present and Future

Introducing a new teacher workshop, Land Use: Past, Present and Future! Registration deadline is June 10th (see details below).

Did you know that Metro Parks provides workshops for teachers with content, visuals, examples and fun activities that correlate to the History, Geography, Economic, and/or Government social studies strands and/or the Life and/or the Earth and Space science strands?

Join us for a virtual tour of the new Land Use: Past, Present and Future workshop coming up on June 15 & 16!

Day 1, June 15th (AM):

The Darby Bend Area of Prairie Oaks Metro Park is a perfect example of how land use changes over time. The beautiful Darby Bend Area was once a huge, limestone quarry. Quarries are common in Ohio because limestone is important to the construction industry, and therefore important to Ohio’s economy. It is exciting to learn that the harsh condition of the land left by the mining operation could be transformed into a beautiful park.

Later in the morning, we will move to Battelle Darby Creek to see how the natural landscape looked in the western part of Ohio before Ohio became a primary producer of field crops. And, while watching our own herd, discover how bison and prairies depend on each other.  Then we will investigate who lived in the valleys during prehistoric times, how they used the landscape to their advantage and what they left behind as clues to tell us what they did to survive.

Day 1, June 15th (PM):

After lunch, we will meet a representative from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) who will explain how they look at land use planning from a regional perspective with a focus on transportation issues. After this, a Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) representative will give insight as to why and how land is chosen for landfills and how a landfill affects future land use.  The importance of recycling will be emphasized as it is one way to slow the growth of landfills.

A Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District presenter will lead activities and discuss a variety of water issues before the last part of the day is spent doing a 4C design activity – designing a community.

Day 2, June 16th (AM):

At Slate Run Living Historical Farm teachers will experience life in the 1880s when technology was much, much different than it is today!  Learn how families survived without tractors and electricity and how that affected land use during that time.  During our visit to the farm you will also have the opportunity to participate in a “soap box” debate.   The debate will center around two stories – The Lorax and The Truax. Both stories are told from completely different perspectives regarding land and resource use, yet both hold some truth in their overall message.

Then for comparison’s sake, we will be visiting a current working farm. If you aren’t familiar with how farming is done in the year 2016, I think you will be in for a surprise!  The use of technology has helped our farmers protect the environment in a variety of ways and has changed the way farmers use the land.

Day 2, June 16th (PM):

We will visit Walnut Woods Metro Park for yet another visual of the past and present. A large part of the land that is now Walnut Woods used to be a tree nursery.  During our visit to the park we will see evidence of this past land use which is a variety of non-native (landscape) trees still growing in rows.  An Urban Forester will be joining us to elaborate on the importance of trees to our environment and how he manages trees in an urban setting.  Additionally, teachers will see an example of a mitigated wetland and will learn about the mitigation process. Last but not least, we will be looking at maps of both past and present land use in Central Ohio. This is an activity that can easily be done in the classroom.

As you can see, we have two jam-packed days of activities and learning opportunities planned. Please see below for details on how to register for this new workshop; we hope you can participate! Oh, and by the way, you can earn one graduate credit hour while taking this course for a fee of $175. (Susan Boggs, Instructor for the Land Use: Past, Present and Future workshop)

Workshop Details:

  • Fee: $ 50.00
  • Wednesday, June 15 & Thursday, June 16, 8am to 5pm
  • Registration Deadline, June 10th.
  • Meeting Place: Prairie Oaks Metro Park, Darby Bend Lakes Area
  • Instructor: Susan Boggs

Additional Notes:

  • Space is limited and will not be reserved without payment of the $50 Workshop Fee.
  • Workshop fee of $50 is nonrefundable after June 10.
  • Graduate credit is available through Ashland University for $175.
  • Workshop will require travel between sites each day.
    • Directions will be provided for all locations.
    • Transportation to the different locations will not be provided.
  • Participants should be prepared for the weather, as many activities will take place outside.
  • Although the workshop is designed for elementary school teachers, all teachers are welcome to attend.

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