Metro Parks’ Holiday Crossword 2023

Have a little fun with our Holiday Crossword, with clues related to the parks, nature and the holidays. Download a fillable version from the button below the puzzle grid.

Download a fillable version of the crossword


1. A nice sauce for the goose. (9)

3. According to the 12 Days of Christmas, these critters are French. (4)

7. You can launch these on Darby Bend Lakes, as long as they’re non-motorized. (5)

8. The new climbing sensation at Quarry Trails Metro Park. (3,7)

11. A feral canine, cousin of Wile E., in the Metro Parks. (8)

12. A boomerang for the voice. (4)

14. It longs to be a river, but it ain’t long enough! (5)

16. The name of the sun god in Ancient Egypt. (2)

17. You can fish for these oily freshwater beauties at just one of our parks. (5)

20. There are more than 28,500 of these in the Metro Parks. (5)

22. This tree in the Metro Parks is sometimes called a hedge apple, but another name for it starts with ‘osage’ and ends with another fruit entirely. (6)

23. This is one of the smallest birds of prey in the Metro Parks, but also one of the most colorful. (7)

24. These eating utensils are usually made of steel. But not this one. (5,4)


2. Pertaining to birds. (5)

4. Metro Parks strives to maintain the best habitat for this type of plant. (6)

5. There are two great courses for this sport at Scioto Grove Metro Park. (7)

6. Diurnal animals are most active at this time. (3)

7. The only flying mammal. (3)

8. There are black and turkey versions of this bird. (7)

9. A crow is commonly known as this in Europe, but you may be familiar with the name from your chess board. (4)

10. Children get one or more of these for the holidays. (3)

12. A major division of time in geology. (3)

13. It used to be Anno Domini, but these new initials reflect a more inclusive statement of the times. (2)

14. A freshwater crustacean. (7)

15. A rarely-seen mammal in central Ohio, but a few have been spotted at Clear Creek. (6)

18. Wild in the parks, wonderful when raised for your holiday dinner. (6)

19. There are special areas in some parks set aside just for this family friend. (3)

21. Anything pertaining to our planet’s host star. (5)

22. There are many types of this tree species, including, white, black and red. (3)