My Favorite Places: Three Creeks and Scioto Grove

GEOFF HAMILTON, Scioto Grove Manager

The south canoe access area at Three Creeks is one of my favorite areas to fish. I haven’t caught a lot of fish there, but for some reason I just really enjoy wading in that section of the creek. It’s hard to put into words exactly what it is that makes that spot special to me, IT JUST IS!

The 3D archery range at Scioto Grove is one of my new favorite spots. This is the only 3D archery course in Central Ohio. Instead of driving 1.5 hours away to another course, I can leave my house and be there in 10 minutes. The 3D course has two trails, each with six targets. The first six targets are a little easier with relatively close shots and easy shooting angles. The second six are more difficult due to longer distances and more challenging shot angles.

Another one of my new favorite spots is the 1.2-mile REI River Trail at Scioto Grove. I love to hike this trail and it’s only 10 minutes from downtown Columbus, but after walking a few steps down that trail I feel like I’m miles away from the city. This floodplain trail has a lot of mature trees and follows the Scioto River for several miles. I use this trail to access some of my favorite fishing spots. My nephew also likes to hike the trail.


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