My Favorite Places: Walden Waterfowl Refuge

BRANDON NOVOTNY, Prairie Oaks Ranger

Wood duck on Thoreau Lake at Blendon Woods. (Karen Chism)

The Walden Waterfowl Refuge at Blendon Woods qualifies as one of my favorite places, especially in late September and early October when waterfowl start to move in. I love to see the very colorful wood ducks, but there are plenty other species.

Once the weather really turns and it gets to winter the refuge’s Thoreau Lake truly becomes a must see. When the lake freezes over our aerators keep a water hole in the lake and that hole on a good day can fill with hundreds of waterfowl at a time, with more on the surrounding ice. The viewing blinds offer a great view of the lake and all the waterfowl.

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