My Perfect Day… pack!

Outdoor Adventure Supervisor

Caroline’s favored backpack.

Do you have big plans to hit the trails and go hiking this summer in your favorite Metro Park? There are a few things you’re going to want to take with you to make your journey more enjoyable. Continue reading for a breakdown of my perfect summer day pack, ready for any Metro Parks adventure!

To get started you first need… well, a small day pack! I use a forest green Osprey daylite pack, and it works well for me! But any small sturdy pack will do. One of the first things I like to store near the bottom of my pack is a rain jacket to fight off any summer storms that may pop up! It offers a nice base for all of the other gear I need easy access to on my hike. It’s always a good idea to carry a small first aid kit for any bumps or bruises you might get while out on the trail, a few Band-Aids, Neosporin and a blister kit should cover the basics! Hopefully this is one item you won’t need to break into too often, but it’s good to know you are prepared if you do need it! While we love the flora and fauna in the Metro Parks, most of us can agree that ticks and mosquitos can make hiking more of a challenge than we would like. Having bug repellent helps keep these pests away! In the case of ticks, keep a pair of tweezers handy for easy removal.

One of the most important things I bring is a jug of water. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the summer sun, so drinking plenty of water while hiking is important to combat the sweltering heat. Tossing in an extra Gatorade never hurts as well! If you’re planning to go on a long hike, then don’t forget my favorite item to have on hand… SNACKS! A granola bar or two is a welcome treat after a long hike in the parks.

To finish off my pack I like to keep a pair of water shoes strapped onto my pack for any creek hiking I find myself doing while out in the parks. Pro tip: On a hot day visit Highbanks or Blendon Woods Metro Park for a hike in the creeks! You won’t be disappointed!

Backpacks are your friend — for any long hike in the parks. Photo Caroline Wagner