Paddle with the Pros this Summer with Metro Parks Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure Program Coordinator

Don’t miss out on Metro Parks Outdoor Adventure programming and try out a tandem kayak this summer! Photo Metro Parks

Paddling season may be several months away, but Metro Parks is gearing up for expanded paddling opportunities later this year. Brand new for 2022, there will be tandem kayaks available for summer Outdoor Adventure paddling programs!

Tandem kayaks are great options for families and friends to paddle together, as their longer and wider size can help you feel more stable on the water. They’re so easy to use, that a passenger won’t necessarily need to paddle, as long as they’re sitting up front and the paddler is in the back.

Our experienced Outdoor Adventure team members will show you paddling basics to ensure you have a fun time in nature while out on the lake or river, and equipment and instruction are provided during these fun and free programs.

The only items you need to bring are a water bottle, sunscreen and water wicking clothing, and a go-with-the-flow vibe.  Interested in becoming a frequent paddler? A pro-tip from the Metro Parks Outdoor Adventure team are to invest in a comfortable life jacket and a dry bag to keep personal items safe and dry, and from floating away.

Whether you’re interested in a solo kayak trip, tandem kayaks, canoes or stand-up paddleboards, all await you this summer with Metro Parks Outdoor Adventure.

Keep an eye out on and the Metro Parks Outdoor Adventure Facebook page for updates, and paddling programs are set to start in May.

We can’t wait to see you on the water at Metro Parks!

6 thoughts on “Paddle with the Pros this Summer with Metro Parks Outdoor Adventure

  1. I am new to kayaking but ready to get some experience as I now live 1/4 mile from a lake in Wayne National Forest. I don’t have Facebook so please keep me informed via my email. Thank you!!! ~ Paula

    1. Hi, Paula! Thank you for reaching out to Metro Parks. Please share with us your email so we can add you to our contact list for the latest information on Metro Parks!

  2. We have a tandem and enjoy a few lessons so my wife is more comfortable using it and would also enjoy going in a straight line. lol

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