Planning and design interns reflect on enchanting time with Metro Parks

Planning and Design Interns

Metro Parks staff and interns measure water depth to plan out a floating dock at Quarry Trails Metro Park. Photo Metro Parks staff

Spending the summer with the planning and design team as interns has been anything but slow or stagnant. We’ve worked on numerous projects, large and small, from planning and design to construction projects, hoping to make up for lost time. Notably, progress at Pickerington Ponds’ Burning Lake Area, as well as Quarry Trails, has been steady and exciting.

Perhaps the most interesting assignment  was wading through the kayak channel at Quarry Trails Metro Park to measure water depth to plan the location of a floating dock, a task we found both chilly and enchanting. Additionally, plans for a new dog park at Scioto Audubon are underway, with additions of new features that will entice both canines and owners alike.