Quarry Trails Metro Park opening this fall!

Sixty-four acres of what will explode into a 180-acre destination park for recreation, fun and adventure will open this fall. Located along the west bank of the Scioto River near the intersection of Dublin and Trabue roads, the park sits on the site of a former limestone quarry.

Quarry Trails Metro Park mountain bike trail will get you off the ground and on to new heights. Photo Steve Boniface

The single-track mountain bike boasts several challenging descents and plenty of chances to catch some air. It features five routes, totaling 7,000 linear feet of rugged terrain and jumps for intermediate to advanced riders.

Soak in the sights of the quarries as you paddle in the lakes. Bring your binoculars and look for various birds soaring overhead or beavers paddling about. Take a break at our floating docks or bring your rod and enjoy a peaceful day of fishing.

Climb down the limestone stairway and let the calming sounds of the 25-foot waterfall wash over you.

Hit the pet-friendly trails with your pup or take a moment to yourself at one of the observation areas located around the lakes.

Quarry Trails offers something for everyone.


20 thoughts on “Quarry Trails Metro Park opening this fall!

  1. That is not what is going on that area. All I can see is apartment going up. Metro parks has let the. West side down.

    1. I agree!!! All we see is more and more apartment buildings! I thought this was suppose to be an amazing area to hike, bike, and be outdoors in nature.

    2. That’s a very interesting comment, development of a park which they are describing takes time part of the park will open this fall along with the continuous development of the areas they are describing I sure hope you have put in your email address to them so you can keep up to date on the development you will soon be paddling the river riding your bike over the past or just walking to enjoy the waterfall future of this park will be enjoyed by all near and far

    3. Only part of the park will open this fall if you watch the video you will see how much they have completed a development like this takes a while to get up and running they can’t do it overnight I feel it’s going to be a great Park in addition to the many other Metro Parks we have in our area and surrounding areas

    4. There are actually apartments in this area being developed. The park is an alliance between two entities. They are building gorgeous townhomes and apartments to be nestled within a few hundred acres that is directly adjacent to the park. The neighborhood will have the park and it’s trails accessible as an “amenity” to those who live there (who wouldn’t want to live in hundreds of acres of hiking trails, forest, kayak and climb routes?). And the rest of the city will be able to enjoy the 180 acres of park just as they would any other metro park. I imagine construction on the buildings takes place before the big chunk of work on the park.

    1. Thanks for your interest. No firm date has been set for the opening, but watch for updates on social media about the park opening. Thanks!

  2. I really hope the park has a accessible ramp for kayakers. I have to say I am disappointed in the metro parks that there are none! Many more people are spending time in the Great Outdoors, yet those with disabilities are having problems trying to get out. Also at many parks that have kayaking have very few disabled parking close to where you can get in and out.

    1. Hello Lisa. About me, I run an online kayaking group in CBUS with 1000+ members and also a 10+ year Metroparks volunteer. I’ve organized 4 waterway cleanups and participated in many more. I too would like to see accessible ramps which were placed in State parks such as Howard Rd at Alum Creek State Park. The Metroparks can get better at paddling issues if they really try! https://www.meetup.com/kayaking-ohio/ My group receives no funding except for member entrance fees & no resources to properly help an adaptive paddler, but TAASC can help (see below).

      Also, I know a great fellow kayaker in Knox county recently added yet another ADA accessible ramp in that area. https://www.facebook.com/KnoxCountyParkDistrict/posts/2522436584556585
      They’ve improved more than 1 put-in around Knox County to help injured veterans enjoy adaptive paddling & hope this info helps. Joey is terrific and he probably knows some adaptive locations around central ohio.

      There are resources in Columbus for Adaptive Paddlers including TAASC whose mission is adaptive sports. https://adaptivesportsconnection.org/ They may have some advice and resources specific to that courageous type of paddling. Good luck Lisa and happy paddling!

  3. I had heard there was a plan for a Kayaking feature like in Dayton, is that true, or is this just going to be flat water?

  4. Does anyone know anything about all these apartment buildings being built all over?? Who are they for?? Where are the thousands and thousands people coming from??

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