Resolutions for a new year

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Test out your nature photography skills and get up close with nature. Photo John Cagnina

As 2021 comes to an end, many people look forward to a new year and new resolutions. Check out some of these outdoors-inspired resolutions that will help you kick off the new year.

  1. Get up close with nature by testing your photography skills. Experience Metro Parks in a whole new way by snapping photos of wildlife, sunrises and sunsets and the stunning scenery you’ll see year round. You’ll also have a memento to take home. The more time you spend looking for beauty to photograph, the more likely you are to see it.
  2. See things from a different point of view. Every time you visit a park, make it a point to get right up close to something. Carry a magnifying glass with you so can you examine a leaf, a stream bed or even a blade of grass and discover a whole new world that you may overlook otherwise.
  3. Say hello! It’s easy to keep your head down and ignore strangers on the trail. Next time you go out, make a point to say hi to everyone you pass and ask them how their day is going. You never know who you might meet or what you might learn.
  4. Improve the nature experience for someone else. Take a trash bag on every hike and pick up what you find. You can think of it as getting the trail ready for the next person who comes along. It is a simple, easy way to make someone else’s day better and knowing that can make you feel good too!
  5. Try something new. It’s easy to get stuck in our routines but challenging ourselves allows our brains to take a vacation from our problems and stress. This seemingly simple resolution is often the most difficult, but also the most effective. Metro Parks Outdoor Adventure offers many recreational programs such as archery, rock climbing and fly fishing that are designed for beginners and we will do everything we can to help you succeed.

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    1. Great resolutions Kim.
      Your knowledge and insight are very great to anyone who is novice outdoor person. Good session she taught on backpacking, fall 2021! 👍

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