Stay alert in your Metro Parks

In 2020 and continuing in 2021, there has been an increase in car break-ins in all Metro Parks. Take a look at this video.

Please don’t leave valuables in your car. Make sure you secure valuables in your trunk before arriving at a park, lock your car and be alert to your surroundings. If you see something suspicious, call the park ranger cell phone.

7 thoughts on “Stay alert in your Metro Parks

  1. What is the park ranger cell phone numbers and are they posted around the parking lots so people can report something? Just wondering because I can’t remember seeing it posted in the parks. Keep up the great work though. Always love the metro parks.

    1. Hi, Jon. Each park has a ranger cell phone that you can call to get questions answered, to get help, etc. They are posted on bulletin boards and you can find them on our website on specific park pages. Thanks!

  2. It’s really hard to tell what’s happening here. The video says it’s a car break in, but how can you tell? Are the two white SUVs together? And if so, why are they both targeting this particular car? Could the car belong to one of the people in one of the SUVs?

    1. Hi, Alissa. The white GMC Yukon and the Toyota RAV4 are the suspect vehicles and are working together. The driver of the white GMC Yukon breaks into the Jeep at the end of the parking lot while the driver of the Toyota RAV4 is looking into vehicles for items of value. Unfortunately for the owner of the Jeep, this was a break-in. Other photos show both of the suspect vehicle occupants casing the other car. This vehicle had no valuables that were visible.

  3. I asked a couple of days ago if the suspects of the break in of the jeep and the other person were apprehended/arrested. My question isn’t posted or replied to. May I ask why?

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