Stop by at Clear Creek for a premier birding experience


Cerulean warbler at Clear Creek. (Bruce Miller)

Clear Creek Metro Park is one of Ohio’s best spots to see birds. Every year the park comes alive with migratory birds. Some stop here for a break on the journey further north. Others nest here for the season. Over 150 species have been documented here at the park. Most of Clear Creek is also a dedicated state nature preserve. We provide protected habitat along the creek, on the ridgetops, and everywhere in between. The size, quality and diversity of habitat are why we have so many birds here.

Starting on Friday April 28 through Sunday April 30 we are hosting Migration Mania to help visitors make the most of the birding opportunities at the park. Five programs are scheduled during the three-day event (see details at the end). We will also work on a bird list and try to beat last year’s Migration Mania total of 92 species seen.

On Friday we will kick off the event with Metro Five-0: (Level 4) Birding. This program is for active visitors age 50 and older. We will hike about two miles on the trails and spend the morning learning some bird songs and ID tips. This program kicks off the observation list for the entire event.

Chestnut-sided warbler at Clear Creek. (Bruce Miller)

Later in the day guest naturalist Stephanie West will lead a Homeschoolers: Winged Wonders program. There is more to learn about flight and feathers than you ever imagined. Stephanie’s program is a fun way to uncover some of these mysteries. She will even bring real feathers and live birds.

On Saturday The Ohio Young Birders Club will lead Birding FOR kids BY kids, for age 8 and older. Most parents and educators know that kids learning from one another is often a very effective way for them to learn new skills. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn about birds and birding. Club members will lead a hike of up to two miles. New and experienced young birders are welcome. A responsible adult should attend the program with kids. Bring binoculars if you have them but we will have some you can borrow if you need them.

Birding is often thought of as early morning activity. I’m a bit of a night owl myself and evening birding can be a lot of fun. The forest at night is often full of surprises. On Saturday we will meet for Late Shift Birding and spend some time in Neotoma Valley looking and listening for evening birds. We are hoping that we will see or hear whip-poor-wills or owls.

On Sunday Metro Parks’ Resource Manager, John Watts, will be leading an Advanced Birding program. Birding with John is a real treat and his knowledge of the birds at Clear Creek is unmatched. This program will be a chance for the best birding Clear Creek has to offer. Who knows, maybe you will see a new bird to add to your life list.

In addition to the scheduled programs we will have volunteers birding around the park. We will also have a display of birds and nests, as well as a selection of free field guides and bird song CDs courtesy of ODNR, Division of Wildlife available at the park office.

Grab you binoculars and head for Clear Creek. The birding is terrific.

Migration Mania program times and meeting places are as follows:

Metro Five-0: (Level 4) Birding — Fri April 28, 9am, Barnebey-Hambleton Picnic Area

Homeschoolers: Winged Wonders — Fri April 29, 1pm, Barnbey-Hambleton Picnic Area

Birding FOR kids BY kids — Sat April 29, 9am, Barnebey-Hambleton Picnic Area

Late Shift Birds — Sat April 29, 7:30pm, Thomas-Mathias Parking Lot

Advanced Birding — Sun April 30, 8am,Creekside Meadows Parking Lot