Fun awaits you at new Outdoor Adventure programs

MELISSA TURPENING, Outdoor Adventure Coordinator

Dip your paddle into the creek or load up your pack for an overnight adventure. Test your cooking skills and paddle board down the river. Outdoor Adventure offers these exciting programs and more so get ready for a fun-filled summer in your Metro Parks!

Outdoor Adventure provides hands-on experiences for visitors looking to learn new outdoor skills. These programs will expand your love of the outdoors and the natural resources Metro Parks strives to protect each day.

Two people kayak on Little Darby Creek (Annette Boose).

This summer, try your hand at fly fishing or relax in a hammock. You’ll learn new backcountry recipes, how to shoot a bow and take a swing at moonlight golf. An overnight guided camping trip and a sunset paddle are other great programs available to visitors. In Intro to Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding classes, you’ll receive personalized instruction in small teacher to student ratios.

Outdoor Adventure is perfect for all skill levels, from the novice to the seasoned pro. Outdoor Adventure staff will be there each step of the way to help as you experience new adventures.

Fly fisher in Big Darby Creek at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park (John Nixon).

Thank you to our friends from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks and Watercraft. Metro Parks received grant money from their Boating Safety Education Grant Program to help fund the purchase of equipment.

As the weather and water temperature start to warm up, be on the lookout for Outdoor Adventure paddle program registration. If you venture out on the water, remember to keep in mind the 120° rule. This good rule of thumb says if the temperature of water and air combined is equal or less than 120° the paddler should wear a wetsuit or dry suit.

Check out and our Facebook page to learn more about Outdoor Adventure and upcoming programs. We hope to see you at the programs in May.

PRAIRIE OAKS: FRI MAY 3, 7-10pm  COSI star parties-glow in dark kayaking

SCIOTO GROVE: SUN MAY 5, 3-4pm  Outdoor Adventure: Fitness class

SCIOTO GROVE:  SAT MAY 11, 2-4pm  Outdoor Adventure: Try It: 3D Archery

SCIOTO GROVE:  SAT MAY 11, 5-7pm  Outdoor Adventure: Baked campfire apples

PRAIRIE OAKS:  SAT MAY 18, 10am-2pm  Outdoor Adventure: Metro 5-0 adventure day  (age 50 and older)

SCIOTO GROVE:  SUN MAY 19, 3-4pm Outdoor Adventure: Fitness class

CLEAR CREEK: SAT-SUN MAY25-26  Outdoor Adventure: Overnight backpacking trip

PRAIRIE OAKS:  MON MAY 27, 1-4pm  Outdoor Adventure: Canoe the Lakes

SCIOTO GROVE:  WED MAY 29, 5-7PM  Outdoor Adventure Try It: Archery  5-7pm

Make every day an outdoor adventure in your Metro Parks this summer!

5 thoughts on “Fun awaits you at new Outdoor Adventure programs

  1. If possible can you tell me more about paddle boarding and where that takes place ??
    Thank you kindly

    1. Thanks for reaching out to us, Mary. I’ll check with our Outdoor Adventure staff and get back with you.

    2. Hi Mary – I heard back from our Outdoor Adventure staff. When the weather warms up, we’ll arrange paddle boarding at Darby Bend Lakes in Prairie Oaks and at Scioto Grove Metro Park. They may be others later. We’ll announce these programs as they’re arranged. Metro Parks will supply the equipment.

  2. I have just started kayaking last year with adaptive sports connection in Dublin. I also love Veteran bike riding on Fridays at Glacier Metropark. It would be awesome if Metro Parks and adaptive sports team team up for a overnight kayaking event or just an informative education session.

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