The lure of fall

If you like to fish, the fall months offer some  great fishing opportunities in your Metro Parks. The serene settings can’t be beat as you cast your rod in the riffles or drop a line from the banks as leaves gently fall to the ground and a cool breeze cuts through the trees. Grab your rod and tackle box and head out to Battelle Darby Creek, Clear Creek and Three Creeks Metro parks and reel in some fun this fall.

Kevin Kasnyik, Park Manager
Fall is a great time to wet a line in Big or Little Darby Creek.  Don’t let the low water levels stop you as big catfish and smallmouth bass seek deeper water and can become concentrated in pools making fishing more enjoyable.  When wet weather returns and the creek levels start to rise again, these fish will know that winter is coming.  Much like a bear preparing for hibernation, these fish will be looking to plump up before water temperatures start going down.

Fly fishing for bass on Big Darby Creek is a wonderful way to spend a quiet fall day.  Photo/Janice Piette
Other great reasons to fish the creeks in the fall?  The colors are amazing throughout the watershed as the cottonwoods turn yellow, the maples turn shades of red, and the oaks change into bronze.  Insect activity is also decreasing.  Mosquito habitat has all but dried up, and tick numbers are plummeting.  Access along the banks of the creeks is getting easier as well!  Most of the lush under story throughout the floodplain is drying up which makes exploring the creeks a little easier.

While you’re out trying to land the next big one, take the time to stop and soak in all that is great about fall in the watershed.  The sights, the sounds, the smell, and that feeling when a big old smallmouth hits the end of your line!

Marty Shull, Park Manager
Fishing opportunities abound at Clear Creek. Bring your family down to Lake Ramona to fish for crappie or bass with a simple rod and reel with a hook and bobber set up or try your hand at fly fishing for rainbow trout in the creek. Fall is one of the best times to going fishing at Clear Creek.
Lake Ramona’s five acres offer plenty of opportunities to snag a bass or bluegill. Photo/John Cagnina

The spectacular fall colors and cooler weather reinvigorate visitors and fish become more active. The aptly-named Clear Creek is pristine and at its clearest during the fall.  Bring your fly rod or ultralight fishing rod and get out on Clear Creek to catch some fish, take in the sights and enjoy one of the most beautiful times of the year at Clear Creek Metro Park.

Scott Felker, Naturalist
Is there better way to spend a fine fall day than by going fishing?

Catfish are abundant  in Turtle Pond at Three Creeks. April 11, 2010. Photo/ Mindi McConnell

Three Creeks Metro Park not only has three creeks but also has ponds that you can cast a line in.  Heron Pond is shallow and readily fished along much of its shore. You could catch bluegill, largemouth bass or channel catfish. Perhaps you’ll even see one of its namesake great blue herons fishing, too.Turtle Pond at the confluence area is deeper than Heron Pond and has plenty of bluegills. It also has some big largemouth bass that seem to have an uncanny ability to ignore most of your attempts to catch them. But please feel free to try!

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