Thefts from Vehicles

Over the weekend there were a few cases of theft from vehicles at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.  While theft from vehicles is our most frequent law enforcement issue, it is not a problem isolated to Metro Parks.  In fact, parks, gyms and rec-centers all across Central Ohio are having issues with theft from vehicles.  These places are targeted by thieves because people don’t like to take their belongings on the trails, into the gym, or to the pool.  Instead, they leave them in their cars.

The best way to help combat these thieves is to not leave belongings in your vehicle.   This includes not only purses, briefcases and electronics, but ANY bag or item that looks like it could hold an item of value. Thieves have smashed windows to gain access to diaper bags and grocery tote bags, thinking they may hold items of value.  In some instances, change in the cup holder was the only item taken, or even available to take.  Victims are left paying the deductible for a smashed window, which was broken out for $3.00 in change. Rangers often see visitors place items into the trunk of the car before heading out on the trails.  While that may be better than leaving the items in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, most cars today have a button inside the car to open the trunk.  Thieves can watch you put your items in the trunk, then when nobody is watching, they smash the window and hit the button and open the trunk.  From what we are seeing, these thieves do not randomly break into cars.  Therefore, the best situation is to place those items in the trunk BEFORE you get to the park.  This will keep thieves from knowing items are in your trunk.  Click on the video below to learn more.