Tick, Tick, Boom

It’s warming up here in Franklin County, and that means everybody’s favorite nemeses are back. That’s right, it’s tick season.

Tick season is generally considered to be April through September. They hide in a variety of places – blacklegged ticks can find you in the woods, while dog ticks hide in grassy areas.

Photo from Canton City Board of Health

How do you avoid these biters? We recommend knowing when and where to expect them. They tend to enjoy their days in tall grasses, brushy areas and wooded forests. If you know you’re heading into an area where there may be ticks, you can tuck your clothes in (pants into socks, shirts into pants, you know the drill) to limit the amount of skin they have access to. There are also repellents you can use – find a repellent containing permethrin, and always follow the directions on the label.

The best way you can avoid getting tick bites is by checking yourself and your pets after spending a day in the great outdoors! Check in places like pants, cuffs, around ears, hairlines and other places that could be “hidden” like behind your knees and in your armpits. When checking your four-legged companions, look closely at places such as under collars, in paws, around the tail and other places that may be “hidden” or have more fur.

What do you do if you get bitten by a tick? Don’t get “ticked” off, carefully remove the entirety of the tick, including it’s head, from the skin using tweezers and clean the affected area. Place the tick in a sealed plastic bag. Monitor your health in the following days – if you notice anything unusual, contact your healthcare provider.