One thought on “Tim Talks: Winter activities

  1. Take the route 22 bus, the old Jaguar Route, to Mock and Sunbury. This is a very old route went up to Siberia.Peter the great took a great interest in this area. There is actually a jaguar behind the apartment building at Mock and Sunbury. This area was a bastion of the fur trade, and in 1803 the new authorities stopped maintaining this very old route.Tthe fur trade continued until the Cold War by the way. Archeological remnants are everywhere especially this murky little green swampy area. . Take the Bike trail down to Ohio Dominican. walk up the ball fields to Sunbury and you will find a stone bridge built by Medici engineers. You have to keep entering and exiting the bike trail. This area was hit heard hard by the burning and posioning campaigns of the fifties. Conquered springs are still there. you can see more in the winter. hardly anybody is interested. The Alum is often overlooked.

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