15 thoughts on “Tim Talks: Winter hikes

  1. Will any of the Winter Hike-specific trails be opened for this? For example, at Blendon Woods, there is a trail around the pond that is only open for the hiking event. Will we have access to trails like that?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Rachel. No, there will not be any winter hike-specific trails open. If you’re interested in hiking more than the public trails you’ll need to join the park’s mailing list to get notified when backcountry and guided hikes are being offered. Thanks.

  2. 1) Tim mentions 6 parks for each month. Not very easy to find anywhere on the Metropark website which 6 parks you are highlighting each month!
    2)After some searching, I found this thread;
    What are the six parks for December? I want to get my crew ready!
    Tina says:November 23, 2020 at 2:14 pm
    Hi, Sandra. They are: Blacklick Woods, Chestnut Ridge, Highbanks, Homestead, Inniswood and Scioto Grove Metro parks.
    3) I was at Blacklick Woods this morning (the park featured in the Tim talk). There were no booklets at the 4 mile multi-use trail head. I never encountered a ranger or naturalist during my 3 mile walk to ask for a booklet. It’s mid- December, maybe you ran out of booklets?

  3. So didn’t know about the winter hikes starting in Dec. Just found out about the program from friends. Can I still hike all and get credit? or wait for next year?

  4. How long do we have to complete the hikes to get the badge? Can we do the December parks now and still get credit?

  5. I have completed the 18 hikes and enjoyed all of them. How do I aquire the medallion for my hiking stick.

    Thank you

    JIM Farrar

    1. Hi, Jim. You can mail in your completed travel ticket booklet to receive a unique 2020/2021 Winter Hike patch. To get a medallion, you’ll need to contact Friends of Metro Parks. Thanks.

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