Tip of the Campaign Hat to Ranger Doug Ramey

Ranger Doug Ramey
Ranger Doug Ramey

A tip of the campaign hat goes out to Ranger Doug Ramey at Blacklick Woods, whose observation and diligence helped Reynoldsburg Division of Police with a case.

In today’s age of electronic communication and social media, law enforcement agencies are able to regularly and easily share information with other agencies. In this case, the Reynoldsburg Division of Police shared photos from a Walmart security video showing a suspect who used a stolen credit card to make purchases. Ranger Ramey saw that information shared with Metro Parks and recognized the suspect as a person who frequents Blacklick Woods Metro Park. The next time Ranger Ramey saw the individual in the park, he recorded the license plate and vehicle information. He then passed that information on to the Reynoldsburg officer, which lead to the recovery of the stolen credit card and charges filed on the suspect.

We are pleased that Ranger Ramey was able to assist the Reynoldsburg Division of Police, as they often assist Metro Parks. Check out the Reynoldsburg Division of Police Facebook page, where they gave a nice shout out to Ranger Ramey. While you are at it, check out the Facebook page of your local law enforcement agency, it is a great way to stay informed and connected to the people who serve your community. We are excited to be a part of the Central Ohio law enforcement community.

“The case would not have been solved without the assistance of Blacklick Park Ranger Ramey. The subject was recognized by Ramey through communication from the agency and had been seen at the park.”  

From the Reynoldsburg Division of Police Facebook page