Wander and Wonder – 100 Acre Wood

Use your imagination and explore our 100 Acre Wood – one of the most dramatic and scenic old-growth forests in Metro Parks!


3 thoughts on “Wander and Wonder – 100 Acre Wood

  1. Maps have the location as Blendon Ravine Metro Park. I’ve been, it’s fun! There was some old metal fencing on the ground along the western bluff area so watch your step if you get “off the trail”. Great stop for a short hike and I plan to go back.

  2. Would be helpful to add an address and a visual map in this webpage to show where it’s located at. Exactly how old are these growth? What generation are they? As there’s only 1% left of true original Old Growth forests on the planet. So, are these the 3rd or 4th generation?

    1. We manage 100 Acre Wood as a portion of Blendon Woods Metro Park. You can find the address (5280 Cambria Way) on the website under the Blendon Woods webpage. As for how old the trees are in 100 Acre Wood, there are certainly some that are over 300 years old. The definition of an old-growth forest is not clear cut and can change depending on the area. In general, old-growth forests contain trees at varying stages of life, extensive biodiversity in plants and animals, and abundant amounts of growth as well as decay. Here in Ohio, old-growth forests must have trees older than 150 years, trunk diameters that are at least 12 inches or larger, and a high density of trees. There must be decaying trees present and plenty of saplings and underbrush plants. A huge part of supporting all the life in these forests comes from dead matter like logs, dead branches and dead leaves. Using this definition, 100 Acre Wood certainly qualifies!

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