Wander and Wonder: Towering pines at Walnut Woods

Enjoy a walk through the towering pine trees at Walnut Woods Metro Park and experience a vicarious sense of its wonder. While most trees have shed their leaves and look barren, the tall pine trees and the sweetgum trees stay lush and green throughout winter. Come out and experience the beauty for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Wander and Wonder: Towering pines at Walnut Woods

  1. Tall pines is a magical place. The loop is 2.6 miles long and all but about 200 yards of it are paved. The unpaved part of the trail traverses a federally designated wet land. The gums and the pines speak for themselves. Local legend says the pines were planted by long forgotten convicts. Located in Groveport, where I reside, it seems logical that somewhere in these acres may lie Cruiser’s final resting spot. You can expect to see deer, rabbits, squirrels and birds. This forest boasts the best of smells thanks to the winds coming from the west. Its perfect for bikes, especially if that’s too long of a walk. Located just a short ways from Rickenbacker Air Force base you might also get the treat of very low flying aircraft.

  2. Lots of pines were planted by the Civilian Conservation Corps during The Great Depression, starting in 1929 when the stock market went to pieces. Many young men had no jobs and were filtered into land conservation rather than being sent to prison. Locals resented their presence. They were kept confined but were not technically prisoners. They were generally fed better and properly clothed. This was more on federal land. Lots of the records are gone or misplaced. There was a war on grape vines, which were considered noxious weeds, and many times pine replaced grape vines. Whoever is Cruiser? If anyone knows email me at cindydonahey@icloud.com

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